Guide helps locate lights around Minn. and western Wis.

Guide helps locate lights around Minn. and western Wis.

The guide includes over 100 displays of must see light displays across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Mike Marcotte of is back with an interactive Holiday Lights Guide.

There are more than 100 displays included, and it’s still growing. An interactive map makes it easy to find fun spots.

“This map is clutch because you can get it on your phone, you can get it on the desktop, and you can put in your location and then set your course throughout an evening, throughout the weekend, where you want to go see light displays all across Minnesota and into Wisconsin as well,” Marcotte said.

There are two included that have more than 10 million lights: Sam’s Christmas Village in Somerset, Wis., and Miracle at Big Rock in St. Croix Falls, Wis.

But it also includes many residential spots you can visit for free.

“If you don’t want to head to one of the big display shows that are ticketed, you can target into a community and then drive in a neighborhood with your family,” Marcotte said. “If you want to head down to the Cities here, Inver Grove Heights is one of my favorite picks for a city that has a ton of displays.”

People can fill out a form on his website and add their homes for free.

Marcotte said he loves doing this every year because it’s something his family did when he was a kid.

“It brings back such warm fuzzies, right?” he said. “I get to do something that’s nostalgic for me and brings me back such great memories of the holiday season. And then I get to show off all of these fantastic displays and give a platform to all these people who put in such hard work.”