Friday concert blends Baroque and Hip Hop

Baroque and Hip Hop together in concert

"Seeds of Culture" concert is at Sacred Heart Music Center on Friday.

A Friday concert at Sacred Heart Music Center will bring a perhaps unexpected blend of two musical genres: Baroque and Hip Hop.

“Seeds of Culture: Baroque Time Travel Hip Hop” is the first of the Bach Society of Minnesota’s “Outside the Box” series.

Marco Real d’Arbelles, associate artistic director of the Bach Society of Minnesota, and See More Perspective, a Spoken Word and Hip Hop artist, collaborated on the project. But they first met randomly.

“We started making these connections between baroque classical tradition and hip hop traditions, and we realized that with the thirst for music, for knowledge of music, for cultural inspiration, that we were able to really understand each other, even if we didn’t really understand each other’s forms,” See More said.

“Something that my teacher always talked about was getting new music and playing it as if it were old and old music as if it were new,” Real-d’Arbelles said. “And so looking back at the old composers and then looking at See More, I found that this creative spark that was in common.”

They say audiences might be surprised by what they hear.

“Depending on their entry point for Baroque, for classical in general, for hip hop, modern back through into the ’70s, they really don’t know what to expect,” See More said.

But the two say that Baroque and Hip Hop do work together. For example, looping is a concept in Hip Hop that Real-d’Arbelles found echoes of in the classical tradition.

“Musically speaking, some of the techniques that we’ve been using is just that Baroque music is all about layering. Everything is very basic, and then you build up from there. And that’s kind of the overlaps that hip hop does,” he said.

Real-d’Arbelles says artists are “promoters of empathy.” And they hope that’s what audiences take with them.

“What we’re really seeing in this program is like two very different traditions and they’re really kind of coming together to create something new. And so at the end of the day, I just hope that people come away with this new experience and just a better understanding and just more empathy,” Real-d’Arbelles said.

“Seeds of Culture” is at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 17 at Sacred Heart Music Center. Tickets cost $20 in advance or $25 at the door. A live stream option can be purchased for $12.