Food Truck Friday: UpDawg

Cory Netland and David Fitch met in marching band at UMD, and now they are business partners and running the food truck UpDawg.

“Throughout college, we worked in a lot of the same places, and we’ve always had a great passion for food,” Fitch said.

UpDawg started as a small idea and kept growing. Both Fitch and Netland are teachers, so UpDawg is their summer gig.

“It started with the idea that we’d have a grill outside somewhere, which turned into a food cart, which turned into a trailer, which turned into a massive truck,” Fitch said. “And now the hot dogs have just continued to get more and more fun.”

They say they like to think of a hot dog as “a blank canvas.” They make things like the Minneso-Dawg, which has a pickle spear, cheese, bacon, homemade Top the Tater, crushed potato chips, and parsley. The Junkyard Dawg is another popular one, which is loaded with barbecue pulled pork, bacon, cheese, crispy onions, Alabama white sauce, and chives.

The Junkyard Dawg. Kyle Aune/WDIO

And the menu has now ventured beyond hot dogs too.

“We just started doing mac and cheese this year because what goes better with hot dogs than mac and cheese?” Netland said.

Every Wednesday, UpDawg is at the Glensheen Concerts at the Pier. Saturdays, they’re at Bent Paddle; and Sundays, they frequent the Rose Garden.

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