Food Truck Friday: Tig’s Smokin’ Pig BBQ

Summer is barbecue season, but for food trucks like Tig’s it’s more of a lifestyle.

“I’ve always enjoyed barbecuing,” Troy Fralich, better known as ‘Tig,’ said. “In 2013, I, like a lot of people, was watching ‘Pitmasters’ on cable. I wanted to learn how to smoke, so for my birthday that January, my wife bought a one-day class that we went to together down in the Cities for smoking.”

He started sharing with people, “and then next thing I know, I was asked to cook for a 250-person party.”

He expanded to a full food trailer around three years ago, serving an almost entirely smoked menu but for the coleslaw and potato salad. It can all be enjoyed with his own sauces.

“I worked shift work, so I worked nights. And in between sets, I would stay on the night schedule. So at 3 o’clock in the morning, I’d be trying different barbecue recipes just for something to do,” Fralich said. “And now I have three flavors of barbecue sauce, two barbecue rubs, and we’re in 17 stores in the area.”

He starts smoking the night before and is up and in the trailer between 4:30-5 a.m. on food truck days. He serves brisket, ribs, chicken, Texas hot links, and he’s been experimenting with prime rib.

“Our stuff is all fresh,” he said. “You will not get anything on my truck that has been reheated.”

His smoked mac and cheese is especially popular. He sells 24-28 pans per week, and there are 25-30 servings in each pan.

“I love watching the people that come because nothing else matters when there’s food. Everybody just gets along with food,” he said.

People can track Tig’s on Facebook and Instagram or by signing up for their text alerts.