Food Truck Friday: The Rainy Rose

Food Truck Friday: The Rainy Rose

The Rainy Rose can be found in Two Harbors all summer long.

The Rainy Rose Food Trailer is two months into its second season. Mike and Amy Wahlman named it after their two daughters, whose middle names are Rose and Rain.

“It’s been my dream to do this forever. I’ve been cooking for 20 years,” Mike Wahlman said. “That’s why I started cooking is to have my own restaurant at some point.”

Amy got right on board.

“It wasn’t always my dream to do food, necessarily. But I’ve always wanted to do something for myself,” she said. “I’m just along for the ride.”

Their menu is mostly Mexican-inspired with items like birria tacos, chimichangas, and a Cuban sandwich. Mike says he likes all kinds of cooking, but the three “meats” he offers – birria, chicken, and jackfruit – are his personal favorites.

“Anytime I make tacos, these are the ones I always get. So it was kind of a selfish thing,” he said.

The best part of the small business is seeing the happy faces enjoying their food at the Castle Danger Brewery, Burlington Station, or Two Harbors Farmers Market.

“We’re starting to get more locals that are coming instead of just brewery or visitors to the Shore, so that’s always nice to get to know the faces,” Amy said. “And people like what we’re doing.”

The Rainy Rose will post the menu and their location on Facebook and Instagram.