Food Truck Friday: Oasis Del Norte

If you know the Twin Ports food truck scene, you’re familiar with Oasis Del Norte.

For 10 years, Eduardo Sandoval Luna and his family have been serving authentic Mexican food on the streets of Duluth.

On the menu are “Real Tacos,” served on corn tortillas with cilantro, onions, and a lime wedge, and “American Tacos,” which come on flour tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

“That’s how I grew up eating in my home. And my family restaurant in Mexico, it’s called in Oasis. So here is Oasis Del Norte. Same recipes, just in the Northland,” Sandoval Luna said.

He gets fresh corn tortillas from a bakery in Minneapolis. And he offers six different meat options.

Oasis Del Norte started just on the weekends.

“It started with the passion of food in my veins. But also, I wanted to share my Mexican Latino culture with the Northland. That was the main thing,” Sandoval Luna said.

Now, it’s a full-time job. And the Sandoval Luna family is getting ready to open a brick-and-mortar in Lincoln Park so that Northlanders can have authentic food year-round.

“It’s probably going to be opening this fall,” he said. “Just excited to have a place that we can call it our home and a little bit of Mexico to share with everybody in the Northland.”