Finding a new way to focus on fishing: Brian Luoma and his next level creations

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Brian Luoma loves to fish. And he’s turning that love into life-like pieces of fish art!

He first saw this type of art during a trip to New Orleans. When he returned home, he tried his hand at it.

Now he’s even helped develop a proprietary way of designing these fish to look so realistic.

“It’s not a 3D replica, but we want to make it look 3D when it’s on the all,” he shared.

Luoma works with a company in Walker, Minnesota, which laser cuts the fish and infuses the color onto the metal.

Now he’s considering helping preserve memories like a kid’s first fish.

It’s a way for him to keep his love of fishing alive, despite his diagnosis of muscular dystrophy. He’s had it since the 4th grade, and has now meant limited mobility.

“Just roll with the punches,” he said. “Do something to create excitement. There’s always something to do.”

Here is his contact info:

You can find him on Etsy: Reelistic Replicas