Finding a coach that is right for you

In this ever changing and complex world, we all need a least one person to talk with, who listens to us, and creates a space for us to be who we are.

For this reason, many people are choosing to work with a coach to focus on goals and dreams- whether they are fitness or health related, personal, or profession.

Stacy Crawford of Klear Water Coaching & Wellness has both a masters degree in counseling and holds various certifications in coaching, but these day, she follows a coaching model, helping corporations, teams, and individuals.

She explains the difference, “Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client and there should not be a power differential. In coaching the coach remains neutral and does not diagnose or interpret for the client or tell them what they need to do. Rather the coach lets the client be at choice and together we work toward addressing feelings, beliefs, limiting stories, and future action.

Crawford says if you’re looking for a coach to make sure you find the right one. You’re going to want to consider their experience, fit, certifications & insurance, plus the pricing.

Looking ahead to October this year- Stacy is excited co-facilitate a coach training session, bringing a global program to Duluth. It’s called the Awaken Coach Institute.

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