Fighting fast fashion by recycling textiles

Recycling fabrics with UMD professor’s Fiber Shredder

Abigail Clarke-Sather and her grad student created the fiber shredder that takes fabric samples and turns them into nice fluffy fibers that can be reused.

UMD Assistant Professor and Researcher Abigail Clarke-Sather along with her grad student, Paulo Alves, created a fiber shredder- which takes fabric samples and turns them into fluffy fibers that can be reused.

In the future, this idea could be a solution to waste created by fast fashion.

The Boston Consulting Group says worldwide humans produce at least 82 million tons of textile waste annually.

“It’s the sheer volume,” Clarke-Sather adds that although reusing is an option- we also need to consider recycling.

The machine is different than others on the market because it pulls the textiles apart- rather than cutting it. The fibers created are long enough that to be spinned back into yarn.

“Creativity is the limit, and we’re looking for local for more local manufactures or partners that are looking to incorporate recycled fabrics and textiles into their product,” Clarke-Sather tells The Lift.