Essentia community health workers meet needs

Essentia community health workers meet needs

Learning about what a Community Health worker does and how they connect patients to the services they need.

According to Essentia, of 90,000 patients who answered screening questions in 2023, 14,000 reported at least one need. A need could be financial or have to do with transportation, food, mental health, and more.

The health system employs community health workers to meet those needs and close the gap once a patient leaves a hospital or clinic.

Ten community health workers connect patients to local resources that can help, however they’re struggling.

Sam Eades is one of them. He meets with new patients on a daily basis.

“If somebody doesn’t have a safe place to sleep, that’s going to impact their health negatively,” Eades said. “If they don’t have transportation to their doctor, they can’t address their health needs.”

Eades encourages people to simply fill out the patient questionnaire before any Essentia appointment. Any indicated need will prompt a community health worker to reach out.