Enjoying Halloween candy and brushing your fangs

Dental tips for eating Halloween candy

Dr. Simon Broccard of Midwest Dental explains the best choices when eating your trick-or-treat candy.

“There’s not really a lot of holidays for dentists, and I feel like this is the closest one for us to have and celebrate,” says Dr. Simon Broccard, a dentist at Midwest Dental Superior- adding that Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for your teeth.

The first step in protecting your fangs is limiting exposure to sugar, Dr. Simon says, “It’s not really about how much sugar you consume. It’s about how often you consumer it.

Dr. Simon tells his patients it’s better to have a can of soda over five minutes than an hour.

“Another thing that people don’t realize is that if you eat sour candy you want to wait a half an hour before your brush your teeth,” he explains this is because teeth are more fragile in an acidic environment.

Water can also dilute some of the acidity.