Eating seasonally with the Duluth Community Garden Program

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Eating seasonally can be a challenge in Duluth from November to June.

Haley Diem of the Duluth Community Garden Program says that we should start preparing before the first frost hits.

Local growers will soon have to put their heat-loving crops inside, like tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and basil, making for some good deals at the farmer’s market.

‘If you want to eat locally or seasonally. You kind of have to put up food yourself or purchase food that has been preserved,” Haley adds that some her favorites for tomatoes include: making tomatoes, marinas, and then freezing them.

Haley also suggests making pickles or pesto, “The opportunities are limitless especially if you have a bunch of freezer space.”

The Duluth Community Garden Program is also hosting a community potluck Saturday.

They invite everyone to bring a dish featuring the vegetable of the year, collard greens, for the meal.

Then the group makes nominations and votes for the vegetable of the year.

The results won’t be heard until January on New Year’s Day.