Earth Month: GoodRoots nature-based education

Earth Month: GoodRoots nature-based education

GoodRoots Education combines therapeutic horticulture with parent education and the gentle, mindful practice of gardening.

Good Roots is a nature-based family education program that Tina Cross started a couple of years ago.

It’s based in the idea of therapeutic horticulture. Cross focused on high sensory-value plants, which include ones with relaxing aromas, vibrant colors, delicious flavors, and more.

“Therapeutic horticulture is just like a gentle, mindful practice of gardening,” Cross said. “We’re really not focused on how many seeds we can put into a tray or how many weeds we can pull. It’s really just about getting our hands in the dirt and working with natural materials.”

Cross says this mindful gardening can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

“It can also help us socially integrate and connect with each other. It can lower blood pressure, cortisol levels. There are literally dozens of benefits,” she said. “And in general, being out in nature makes us happier and kinder people, so you can’t really go wrong.”

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