Eaglet hatches on DNR’s EagleCam

The eaglet has emerged on the DNR’s EagleCam. It’s just a day after the single egg hatched Sunday.

The DNR made the announcement on Facebook saying, “We have the new star of 2023! This single chick will be one well cared-for eaglet.”

The chick already had its first meal Monday morning.

The eagle pair laid two eggs on February 15 and 18.  One of the eggs broke on February 21, and the remaining egg hatched.

The DNR writes on their website: “Bald Eagle chicks are one of the fastest growing animals on the planet, so tune in to get early shots of (what we think is) the cutest phase of development. 

“In the first several days of life, the chick’s neck muscles are not fully developed, so it is difficult for it to hold its heavy head up.  They are often referred to as ‘bobble-heads’ at this stage.”

You can watch the cam live here.