Dreaming of summer and planning for camp

Signing up for summer camps

Andrea Jang of The Duluth Mom has put together a guide to local summer camps.

Andrea Jang of Duluth Mom says now is the time to start thinking of and signing up the kids up camp.

Her blog has its annual Summer Camp guide near Duluth, MN. It features offerings from Duluth & Parks and Rec, Spirit Mountain, the YMCA’s day camps, and soccer camps.

Andrea offers her suggestions for when you look through these, “I would sit down and actually give yourself a lot of time to think about and figure out what your family’s goals are for the summer.”

Do you need a full coverage childcare?

Are you able to run your kids to and from camps and activities?

Do you have a nanny that’s able to?

Or do you need them to be in one place all day?

There’s also printable resources available for you to make your family’s summer bucket list.