Creating warmth and coziness in your home for fall

With the season changing to autumn, Aubrey DeBettignies from The Altered Abode likes to bring in new elements of decor that add warmth and coziness.

“I feel like you don’t have to go all out fall on Sept. 1 or … Sept. 22,” she said. “You can just slowly weave it in as the weather changes.”

She likes to add a few neutral-colored pumpkins around the house.

“You might not need 20 pumpkins in your house, but maybe like one in each room or one on a shelf. Just kind of sprinkling them throughout I think just gives a little touch of fall without having it feel overwhelming,” DeBettignies said.

She also fills thrifted pottery with fall botanicals, switches up blankets and pillows to bring in earth tones, and adds stacks of books with warm colors on the covers and spines.

“I just love fall. All the cozy vibes, the slowdown of the season, the food, the colors, all of it.”

She shares more easy tips on her blog.