Cooking with Chef Stuart: Tailgate food

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Our Chef Stuart Gordon is bringing an elevated spin to the classic tailgate. Making a grilled guacamole, corn, bratwurst, and pepper jack cheese burgers.

Starting off with the grilling Stuart always likes to start off by putting the corn on the grill. Getting a nice char going on the cobs, freshly shucked and set on the grill, he then begins melting his butter in a bowl.

Stuart then begins chopping up the cilantro on a cutting board which he then adds to the melted butter with some cayenne pepper. That butter will be used on the corn once it’s charred and on the burger buns later.

Putting the spices in the butter first rather than on top of your food is one way you can retain flavor better. Stuart says, “[That] definitely changes the flavor of the spices, makes them rich and sometimes deeper.”

Avocados are next on the grill. Having them charred softens them up for the guacamole and adds a tasted that’s nice and Smokey. For the Guacamole Stuart says you can use union and tomatoes and cilantro. Or if you don’t like the taste of cilantro, Stuart says a green bell pepper is a good substitute.

Next on the grill are the bratwursts and burgers. When it comes to seasonings Stuart says, “I think simpler is always going to be the better option for that.”

For brats it’s just a dash of salt and for burgers, just your generic seasoning. He likes to throw one side down on the grill and then flip it once it absorbs in.

Once the burgers are getting good, you can add the cheese to the patty. To switch it up from your regular burger you can use different cheeses, Stuart likes using pepper jack.

Once everything is looking good on the grill you can transition into making the guac.

For the guacamole Stuart says all you have to do is add in some garlic, jalapeño, lime juice and mash it all together.