Chef Stuart’s Tiramisu

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Chef Stuart Gordon puts his own twist on Tiramisu.


-Ground espresso or cocoa powder


-1 Egg

-¼ c Sugar

-8oz Room Temp Cream Cheese 

-1 Can Reddi Whip


-1 Pack of Ladyfingers

-1 Cup of coffee

-3oz of Spiced Rum (Or Kahlua)


-2 T Coffee & Rum

-¼ c Sugar

-1 T Water

-1 T Heavy Cream

Begin by making your syrup. First mix your cup of of coffee with rum. Taste for desired flavor. Then, on medium high heat, boil your sugar and water. (Pro Tip: Dip a medium paint brush in a cup of water and brush the sides of the pan to prevent sugar building up and burning)

Once the sugar has turned an amber color, mix in the cream, coffee, and rum. Set aside.

Begin making the filling. First separate the egg white from the yolks. Then using a clean whisk, whisk the whites until a meringue with stiff peaks has formed. Set aside.

Begin whisking the egg yolk in with the tempered cream cheese and sugar. Whisk until a smooth consistency has been reached.

Now sacrifice ⅓ of your egg white and fold it into the mixture. This will prepare the mix for more egg white without deflating it as much. 

Fold the rest of your egg white in. 

Now spray about a cup of reddi whip into the bowl and fold it in with the rest of the ingredients. Our filling is done!

Begin layering your cookies in a baking dish. I prefer a smaller sized one with higher walls so that you can stack multiple layers. Start with cookies down. With a paintbrush, paint more of your rum & coffee mix onto the cookies. Then drizzle some of your syrup on top of that. Follow with a layer of your egg mixture. You can use a spatula to spread it out.

Repeat this by adding a layer of cookies, painting them with the rum & coffee, drizzling syrup, and then adding a layer of our egg mixture. Repeat as many times as desired to fill your pan.

Once the tiramisu is layered and finished, take a spoon full of ground espresso or cocoa powder (I like to use both) and lightly powder the top. You can lightly tap the side of the spoon with your finger to achieve good results. Or if you have a sifter you can use that as well.

Once coated in powder, set your tiramisu in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours or preferably overnight for a delicious, cold dessert!