Casting for walleye on the St. Louis River

Fishing season is back, and anglers have been getting out on the water for a couple weeks now seeking walleyes and crappies.

Grant Sorensen of Superior Angling Co. took Baihly Warfield and Sabrina Ullman out on the St. Louis River.

“It’s been a really late spring, cold temps, and these fish are kind of in their stages that they typically are two weeks ago,” Sorensen explained.

With a simple jig and minnow, Sabrina learned to cast and catch walleyes. She reeled in her first fish ever, a small walleye, with one minute to spare before they had to head in.

Final walleye score:

  • Baihly – 3
  • Sabrina – 1
Baihly Warfield and Sabrina Ullman with a small walleye