Best North Shore trails for mud season

Best North Shore trails for mud season

Based on the North Shore Explorer Guide.

It’s mud season on the North Shore, but with spring temperatures perfect for hiking, Melissa Dressly of North Shore Explorer has a few spots where people can walk and keep their boots dry.

Paved and reinforced trails are the way to go.

Here are some of Dressly’s favorites:

  • Sonju Trail in Two Harbors: “The Sonju Trail is a paved trail that’s about a mile long. And it goes from Burlington Bay to Agate Bay. You can start on either end, obviously. You just take the nice paved trail, it goes by Lake Superior for beautiful views, you’ll walk through the tall pines. There’s some nice picnic tables. You’ll also go by the Two Harbors historic lighthouse, and you’ll get the opportunity to walk out on the breakwater.”
  • Gitchi Gami State Trail: “The Gitchi Gami State Trail has four sections, and one of my favorite sections is actually the longest section that goes from Gooseberry Falls State Park all the way to Silver Bay. So it’s a 17-mile section of the trail. And it is paved, so it’s perfect for walking, biking, it’s wheelchair accessible.”
  • Gooseberry Falls State Park: “There is another paved and accessible trail to go see one of the North Shore’s most iconic waterfalls: Gooseberry Falls.”
  • Split Rock Lighthouse State Park: “So we’re talking about the state park. And so there’s a really nice trail there where you can see the lighthouse standing tall on the cliff right above Lake Superior. And it is really amazing and breathtaking. And there’s a nice reinforced gravel trail that goes right by the lake.”
  • Temperance River Falls: “When you go upriver, you will see the fierce drill bits. To me, I think it’s a little scary, actually. Because when the water is rushing like it does in the spring with all the snowmelt, it’s coming through the canyon fast and furious.”

She also says not to forget downtown Grand Marais and Artists Point as great spots to walk.

North Shore Explorer is the official guide to the North Shore Scenic Drive. Melissa posts tips and recommendations on her blog, Facebook, and Instagram.