Baihly chats with TCL’s Ben and Elizabeth in London

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Twin Cities Live hosts Ben Leber and Elizabeth Ries are spending the weekend in London. The Minnesota Vikings play the New Orleans Saints at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at 8:30 a.m. CST Sunday.

“People just feel really good about being out. They feel good about being out here to support their team, and they feel good about traveling,” Elizabeth said. “We’ve been talking to a lot of Vikings fans today, Baihly, who say this is the first time they’ve taken a big trip since the pandemic started. And so I think there’s really like a special sense of gratitude and excitement to be able to have this experience.”

Ben said it’s a big adjustment for the team, who arrived in London Friday morning.

“They are really relying on their scientists within the organization to say, hey, we’re going to arrive on a Friday morning, we’re going to kind of power through the day and get these guys in bed on Friday night at the same time, and your body clock really should adjust,” he said. “It seems like a big shift, but according to the sports science, it should be no big deal.”

Elizabeth said she’ll spend the game in the press box, while Ben will be down on the sidelines.

“I’m kind of in it for the concessions as well,” Elizabeth said. “I keep telling Ben, I’m going to go around to all the concession stands, and I’m going to find out, what do British football fans eat when they’re out at a game? And I’m going to bring back that kind of investigative reporting. That’s what I bring to the table here.”

The TCL hosts are also looking forward to soaking up the history in London.