Author chat with Naomi Musch

Author Chat with Naomi Musch

Naomi Musch has written 16 books so far, and says her next book will be out this fall.

Author Naomi Musch has written 16 books, and her next one’s coming out this Fall.

The next book is part of a series of novellas called Courting the Country Preacher which is set during the turn of the century in Northern Minnesota.

She calls the northwoods of Wisconsin home and says it’s a great place to write.

History inspires Musch to write, “Sometimes you find different things that took place in history that you go, ‘Wow, what would that have been like?'”

Her latest release is Polly, book one in the apron strings series. It’s the story of eleven different authors of a cookbook- as it get passed along from decade to decade. Polly’s story takes place right after World War I.