American Ghost Walks of Bayfield to be featured on Shark Tank

American Ghost Walks tours to be on Shark Tank

The company will be on Shark Tank on WDIO on Friday.

A Bayfield company, American Ghost Walks, will be featured on the ABC show “Shark Tank” this Friday, Oct. 27.

The company’s owner, Mike Huberty, and his sister, Allison Jornlin, went on to talk about the family business.

The Bayfield crew became part of American Ghost Walks in 2021. The original Bayfield haunted tour was developed in the early 2000s by a folktale researcher, Virginia Hirsch.

Tour guide Paul Von Stoetzel said it’s a great time of year to lead tours, and being on “Shark Tank” is an exciting opportunity.

“It was something that was really tough to keep under wraps,” he said. “This is literally a ma-and-pa, brother-and-sister company, so to get to this point of national attention means everything.”

He told a ghost story of a particular room at Greunke’s Inn where a couple heard loud noises, saw lights and even an apparition, and felt a tickling on her foot.

“Shark Tank” airs at 7 p.m. Friday on WDIO.