A Poem for The Lift by Molly Ovenden

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Molly Ovenden is a writer and creative writing coach- who has just recently taken on a big endeavor: poetry busking. “Busking is a term that is in reference to street performance. It can be a musician or any person painted in silver or white that winks at you when you put a coin in their hat,” Molly explains. “Poetry busking is performing by writing a poem live for someone and then reading it.”

Molly always enjoyed writing- and initially thought of it as a hobby rather than a career. She’s taught people, seen some success, and received criticism that took her awhile to build back from. After 20 years, Molly tells us she did some healing and “finally got brave.” That’s when she received the ultimate sign: her friend gifted her a type writer.

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Molly can be found around Duluth with her trusty typewriter- ready to ask you a few questions so she can write and perform a poem for you. For more information visit her website.