‘A Line in the Snow’ to premiere to sold-out audience

The movie ‘A Line in the Snow’ at Zeitgeist

This upcoming weekend, Zeitgeist is hosting a series of outdoor films created and shot throughout Minnesota's Arrowhead.

To ring in the first weekend of February, Zeitgeist is hosting a series of outdoor films that were created and sot throughout Minnesota’s arrowhead region. That includes the premier of ‘A Line in the Snow.’

“The film is about a mother, she’s an authentic Arctic explorer,” explains the film’s Director, Ryan Rumpca. “The film follows her on a dog sledding trip through the Boundary Waters, taking both of her daughters on this trip. And the story is about her teaching outdoor wilderness skills and life skills on this awesome journey.”

Rumpca says the film took about three years to create, but called it a labor of love.

“I’m a lover of the area, lover of the region. So pairing the amazing features of the wilderness here in the Northwoods, with the dog sled team and getting to experience that on a trip where we’re staying outside, camping on a trail; experiencing Mother Nature the way it’s intended to be experienced, let alone in the Boundary Waters, that was the whole package,” shared Rumpca.

The film premiers to a sold-out audience on Saturday, February 3.