A focus on yourself during the month of love

Focusing on Self-Love in February

Jaime Jensen explains the difference between self-care verses self-love.

February, the month of love, mean taking care of yourself too!

Jaime Jensen of Progress Over Perfect Coaching brings to light the difference between self-care and self-love.

Self-care is adding in a little extra you time, according to Jaime. This can be bubble baths, quiet time, a nap, or a trip to the salon/spa.

Self-love, Jaime says, means looking at how you talk to yourself and treat yourself on a bad day.

So celebrate your wins, be your own best friend, and get rid of guilt and judgement.

This is important to practice because being mean to yourself doesn’t make you want to succeed.

Jaime teaches this as a weightloss coach, “If you eat the pan of brownies after a long day at work, instead of calling yourself names or feeling guilty, realize you did nothing wrong. You did what you trained your brain to do for years, eat for comfort.”

“Next time, come home and pause. Then, start looking at what your body really needs.”