A diet coach’s perspective on weight-loss drugs

A diet coach’s perspective on weight loss drugs

Jamie Jensen says it is important to open the discussion and take the guilt or shame out of using a weight loss drug.

Jaime Jensen of Progress Over Perfect Coaching, is sharing her perspective on weight loss drugs.

As a disclaimer, Jaime clarifies that she is a diet coach and not a medical professional. This should not be construed as medical advice.

“It’s on people’s minds, and I think the more we do talk about it, the more get out there and say things, we take away some of the guilt and shame for taking these medication,” Jaime tells The Lift that prescription drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy are tools and should be part of a system.

It’s important to remember they need to be prescribed by a doctor, and they be taken along with a healthy, diet, exercise, and coaching/therapy to be effective.

“Weight loss is really complicated. It’s more than taking a shot, taking a pill ,and losing weight. These drugs could be game changers for the obesity epidemic.”Jaime also points out that these are lifelong medications and not a quick fix to achieve Summer beach body.

“These medications won’t make you love yourself, won’t improve your life, your job- if you aren’t happy with your life now.”

Jaime’s message is: You still need to do the work.  No shame, no judgment.