St. Luke’s Earns Certification for Excellence in
Advanced Chest Pain Care

St. Luke’s has been recently honored with earning the certification of excellence in advanced chest pain care by the DNV, an independent certification organization in operation since 1864.

Through the certification process, St. Luke’s Staff participated in training designed to improve patient quality and safety. In addition, staff was trained in new management skills that center on developing, implementing, measuring, monitoring, and maintaining patients’ best interests.

Julie Clark, St. Luke’s Director of Cardiac Services, stated, “One of the great things about this certification is that it shows our community we have the resources and commitment to provide the best possible care for dealing with a heart attack or other chest pain, ”

Specifically, earning this certification identifies St. Luke’s superiority in diagnosing and treating coronary artery disease. Ms. Clark added, “It’s a combination of the right equipment, personnel and training to provide the best possible patient care. Achieving certification validates the tremendous effort we have put into the program to ensure the health and safety of our patients.”