RSV cases on the rise in the Twin Cities, Northland could see impact as well

Elevated levels of RSV around the county, could also hit the Northland

A look at how the trends about RSV, involving the country and the region, from the perspective of Essentia Health.

Tis the season to have some kind of sickness in the house.

The CDC said that there are elevated levels of RSV around the country, with young kids getting hit the hardest.

Dr. Marit Knutson, a pediatrician from Essentia Health, told us they are seeing a few cases here in the Northland. But the surge is happening in the Twin Cities, based on data she’s looking at from the Minnesota Department of Health.

“So we are expecting to see higher cases in the coming weeks to next month or so,” she explained.

Providers don’t often test for RSV, unless you’re in the hospital. Most people recover at home.

Treatment includes rest and fluids.

“It’s important to keep the airways clear,” Dr. Knutson added. “And any signs of dehydration or respiratory distress, make sure you see the doctor right away.”

There are some people who can get the vaccine, including those over 60 and some young children.