Love languages and gift giving

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Do you know your your Love Languages? They might be helpful with all the holiday gift giving right around the corner. Stacy Crawford owner of Klear Water Coaching and Wellness dropped by to discuss the “Love Tank” an idea from Gary Chapman’s Book Love Languages.

“The love tank is so important. We all have one. We’re biologically wired for connection as we know physiologically,” Stacy tells us. It’s all about how we like to be filled up. We use love languages to do this.

#1 Words of affirmation: “They come in many different forms. It’s also important to understand the person you’re giving those affirmations to.” It could be words of encouragement, praise, or words of affections.

#2 Quality time: “Most generally this does not include having your phone in front of you. But as we’re being present with one another- it can look like many different forms.” Stacy lists a couple examples like watching a movie, spend time outside, or have a meal together.

#3 Receiving gifts: “It’s important to think about giving without strings and giving just out of the pure joy of finding the appropriate thoughtful gift for someone.”

#4 Acts of service: This can be taking on a task when someone has a lot of on there plate Stacy tells us, “Communication is key. We might think that our loved ones can just read our mind and know what we want and that will get us into trouble.”

#5 Physical touch: Stacy reminds us that this looks very different for each person and not all of us are weird this way.

Stacy offers more resources on her website.

If you want to find out more about your love language. She recommends using this quiz.