Testing cash-back app: Upside

We decided to test out the Upside app, which is a cash-back app that has been known to help your pocketbook through everyday purchases like fueling up your vehicle.

The Upside app partners with local businesses to give you cash back on everyday purchases. It’s been around since 2016, it’s super easy to download the app and make an account. 

It shows you offers around your area, but you need to claim it and then use it quickly, because you only have a few hours before time runs out.

We found a deal at a local gas station that gave $.63 cents cash-back per gallon, a huge savings. After a few months of getting gas, this really adds up.

On the app, you don’t need to enter your credit card or banking information to get cash back. Instead, you just upload the receipt from your claimed deal. 

Then you are able to take out your money by clicking “Cash Out.” Upside gives you the option to cash out via PayPal or it can send directly to a credit card if you feel comfortable with that.

We did some issues on the Better Business Bureau website about Upside, some users alerted the bureau about their cash back balance disappearing in the app, but it does seem that the Upside team responded quickly and resolved the issues.

Use the app at your discretion, but from our test, we think this app is a great option, we all know we’ll be buying gas regularly and getting a chunk of that money back is exciting. You can give the Upside app a try and see for yourself, more information can be found here.