Tech Bytes: Xbox games could soon come to other platforms

Four Xbox exclusive games are coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch. It’s part of Microsoft’s strategy to expand games beyond the company’s Xbox consoles. Microsoft didn’t name the games just yet, but they’re reported to be Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves and Grounded.

The company behind ChatGPT is out with new text to video software. These videos were not shot by a camera, they were created by an artificial intelligence program called “Sora.” It can produce photo-realistic video from simple instructions. “Sora” isn’t available to the public yet.

YouTube Shorts is adding music video remixing. The new feature comes as TikTok sits in a licensing battle with Universal Music Group, which has led to the loss of tracks from Taylor Swift, Drake, and other artists. YouTube already has access to UMG’s libraries.