Tech Bytes: “X” takes action to protect Taylor Swift

Tech Bytes: “X” block Taylor Swift from search engines

X has confirmed it blocked Taylor Swift searches after explicit AI generated images began appearing on the site. It comes after explicit deep fake images of Swift circulated last week.

“X” formerly Twitter confirms it is temporarily preventing users from searching for the singer’s name. It comes after explicit, deep-fake images of Swift circulated last week. X says it made the move to “prioritize safety”

Fossil is getting out of the smartwatch business. The announcement ended speculation after the company had not made a new watch since 2021. The gen 6 will be its last smartwatch. Fossil says it will keep updating its watches for the next few years.

Finally, Apple is out with a new ad for its soon-to-be-released “Pro Vision” headset. It focuses on how hand gestures can be used to control what users do. Voice and eye commands will also work. The nearly $3,500 device is available on Friday.