Tech Bytes: USPS going electric

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Careful who you’re hanging with, if you’re using Airbnb.
Vice reports the company is banning people who are closely-associated with already-banned guests. Airbnb calls it a necessary safety precaution, after years of rentals turning into party houses.

The U.S. Postal Service is going electric. The agency is buying more than 9,000 Ford E-Transit EVs and 14,000 EV chargers. It’s part of a plan to build out the postal service’s charging infrastructure over the next year. The goal is to hit at least 75 locations.

Tesla has officially opened some of its charging stations to everyone, allowing non-Tesla owners to charge their electric vehicles. Drivers can pay per charge. Or get a monthly membership at a discount. About a half dozen stations are available for non-Tesla drivers in New York, but many more are expected soon. That a call is spam, future calls from that number will go straight to voicemail.