Tech Bytes: Twitter takes back suspensions, Apple stronger privacy controls, and NASA transmits messages

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Amnesty for suspended Twitter users. Owner Elon Musk has decided anyone whose account was shut down can come back next week, provided they haven’t broken the law or taken part in spamming people. The move is in response to a poll Musk posted Thursday.

Ten state attorneys general want Apple to create stronger privacy controls from apps that collect reproductive health data from users. They say otherwise, those seeking or providing abortions, for example — are at risk. But Apple says if consumers enable two- factor authentication — their information is safe.

Now is your chance to send your thoughts into space. Nasa is allowing those of us on Earth to transmit messages to an iPad on board the Orion spacecraft. Just use a form on the Callisto website. If the message gets the okay, it will appear inside the Orion capsule for the world to see.