Tech Bytes: Threads in the EU; Google Chrome protection

Tech Bytes: Google Chrome launching a network feature to protect users from third-party cookies

Google Chrome's new feature will block websites from tracking user activity through third-party cookies, Google now makes repairing your phone easier, and Threads has officially launched in the EU.

We have more details on Google’s upcoming privacy protections. Restrictions on third-party cookies will go into effect on Chrome January 4th. The initial rollout will affect one percent of global users. It’s part of Google’s privacy sandbox initiative.

Google is making it easier for users to fix their own phones. The company released a tool that can check your Pixel phone for problems on the device itself. Users can launch the app by dialing a certain number, then run a full diagnostic or specific tests. Google also rolled out redesigned repair manuals.

Finally, Threads, Meta’s competitor for X, is now available in the European Union. That means nearly half-a-billion more potential users. To mark the launch, users can browse Threads without needing a profile. But they still require an Instagram account to post content.