Tech Bytes: Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant

Tech Bytes: Microsoft has a new artificial intelligence work assistant

Microsoft is rolling out a new A.I. chatbot assistant with a recent Windows 11 update, YouTube has stepped up its efforts against adblockers on its website, and DoorDash is testing a new way to warn customers about tipping.

Microsoft has a new artificial-intelligence work assistant. It’s called “copilot,” and it’s rolling out today to more than a million companies in the US that use Microsoft 365. The company says “copilot” can summarize long emails, write responses and even attend a meeting for you.

Youtube has stepped up efforts to make sure you see ads when watching content. The platform says it’s launched a global effort to discourage ad blockers. Now, some videos trigger a notice saying playback won’t resume until the ad blocker is disabled.

Finally, DoorDash is testing a way to warn customers about tipping. DoorDash workers can pick and choose which orders they want to deliver. Now, a new pop-up inside the app warns customers that orders with no tip might take longer to be delivered. No word on when the warning could go live.