Tech Bytes: Meta to discontinue “cross-chat” apps this month

Tech Bytes: Meta discontinuing feature that allows users to message Facebook friends on Instagram

Meta will discontinue the feature to comply with a new European Union law. The change will come at the end of the month.

Meta is disconnecting its “cross-chat” apps this month. Users will no longer be able to call or chat with facebook friends on instagram. any existing cross-conversations will become read-only.

The move is apparently aimed at keeping company compiling with a new European Union law

Microsoft is upgrading its AI virtual assistant. “co-pilot” will be integrated with new open AI tools, including an improved “GPT Four Turbo.” One Microsoft official says the company is already testing the changes. the full upgrade is set to appear sometime next year.

Finally, Discord’s long- awaited mobile redesign. The messaging app’s navigation tabs are now displayed as soon as the app is opened. They include a “you” tab that lets users edit their profile and settings. The app opens in about half the time, and uses four times less data.