Tech Bytes: iPad lineup refresh coming

Tech Bytes: Apple has big changes for its iPad lineup

Apple's entire iPad lineup will reportedly be updated and refreshed next year, Threads is rolling out a new feature, and NASA has not been able to communicate with its Mars robots for two weeks.

Some big changes are expected for Apple’s iPad. Online tech reports say Apple’s entire iPad lineup will be refreshed next year. The updates reportedly include an all-new 13 inch iPad Air with an improved display. New iPad Pro and Mini models are also expected.

Threads is rolling out a new feature – a switch that lets you opt out of sharing your posts on Instagram and Facebook. The automatic sharing function was intended to drive engagement. But things are looking up for threads- with Mark Zuckerberg reporting the platform now has 100 million monthly users.

And the sun is getting in NASA’s way. The space agency has been unable to communicate with its mars robots for two weeks. The issue is a biennial phenomenon called solar conjunction. NASA is worried gas from the sun may corrupt radio signals from earth. The blackout ends Thanksgiving weekend.