Tech Bytes: Instagram’s new 2022 recap

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Instagram has a new 2022 recap. Users can select the new reels template and choose 14 photos and videos to share again. You can even add narration from several popular artists. The template will be available into early 2023.

Doctors have notoriously sloppy penmanship. Now help may be on the way for those struggling to read it. Google is working with pharmacists to come up technology to decipher your doctor’s bad handwriting.
The idea is to upload a picture of a prescription to recognize medications that are then translated into legible text.

Finally, check out a keyboard with a new look. It’s transparent and there’s a screen inside. It’s made by Finalmouse. The company known for gaming products has made what it calls a “laminated display circuit glass stack.” It’s set to be available early next year and will cost $350.