Tech Bytes: FCC cracks down on AI robocalls

Tech Bytes: FCC cracking down on AI robocalls

In today's Tech Bytes from ABC: the FCC has banned robocalls that use AI, Apple rolling a redesigned iCloud appp for Windows, changes coming to Google Maps.

A crackdown on artificial intelligence. The FCC has banned robocalls using fake voices to scam people. The decision follows a rash of bogus calls last month, mimicking President Joe Biden’s voice, urging people not to vote in the New Hampshire primary.

Apple just rolled out a redesigned iCloud app for Windows. The goal is to make the onboarding, setup and syncing process easier for iPhone and iPad users who don’t own a Mac. It has a range of new features, including a syncing status indicator and you can use a physical key for Apple ID.

If you use Google Maps, look out for some changes. The search bar no longer covers the full screen, helping things look less cluttered. A new feature also shows weather conditions in the location where users are traveling to.