Tech Bytes: EU regulators looking into TikTok regulations

TikTok is under a new microscope. The EU has opened an investigation, looking into whether TikTok is doing enough to protect children, and ensure transparent advertising. TikTok’s parent company could face a hefty fine. The company is promising to explain its operations to regulators.

Apple released its latest “shot on iPhone” film, capturing the rehearsal and performance of Usher’s Super Bowl half time show. The director used 40 iPhones, showcasing the capabilities of the 15 Pro and Pro Max model. The phones were mounted across the stage, on instruments and even attached to performers.

Samsung’s rugged tablet has arrived in the U.S. The Galaxy Tab Active Five was unveiled last month and is now on the company’s website. Standout features include a removable battery, micro SD expansion, and a rugged case. Pricing starts at $550.