Tech Bytes: Biden introduces AI legislation

Tech Bytes: President Biden signs executive order on A.I.

President Biden wants agencies to create safety guidelines for A.I, Google is rolling out a new credential manager for Android users, and Samsung pays tribute to the company's first hit mobile phone that came out 20 years ago.

President Biden wants agencies to come up with safety guidelines for the technology. His order has eight goals, including protecting privacy. The order calls on the government to develop standards for cybersecurity programs.

Attention Android users Google’s new “credential manager” will arrive on your devices starting tomorrow. The new feature will help manage the different log-in methods on your phone. And, the move marks the start of the next phase of Google’s conversion to passkeys, which are more secure than regular passwords.

Finally, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro is a tribute to the company’s first hit mobile phone, which came out 20 years ago. It features the same color combo and pixel graphics as the original. It will be sold in Korea and Europe, but not the US.