Tech Bytes: Apple’s Vision Pro headset to only be sold in store

Tech Bytes: Apple’s Vision Pro headset to be sold only at Apple stores.

Apple Vision Pro will be sold exclusively at Apple stores, Fortnite sets another gaming record, and Google is making its App store more secure for its users.

Apple is planning to roll out its Vision Pro headset exclusively in Apple stores. So you’ll have to make an appointment with Apple for a demo if you’d like to buy the headset when it launches next year. It’s expected to cost $3,500 dollars

There’s a new record for Fortnite. Saturday, Fortnite OG peaked with a total of 44.7 million players. They logged a mind numbing 102 million hours of playing time. Hourly numbers rose all weekend, peaking at more than six million during one stretch Saturday.

Google is planning to make it’s mobile app store more secure. Users will now see banners in the store, helping them trustworthy and safe apps. Highlighting apps that have gone under independent audits. Users will have the ability to learn more if they click on the banner.