Tech Bytes: Apple to make changes to their messaging next year

Tech Bytes: Apple to make changes to messaging next year

Apple is making changes to their messaging next year. Those who have an android might be pleased to hear the news.

In today’s tech bytes – Apple making its messaging service more compatible with android.
Apple says it will start using a different service for messaging next year – bringing higher-quality images and videos.
Android already uses the same messaging service – but Apple will stop short of eliminating Apple users from receiving Android messages in a *green bubble.

Facebook and Instagram users will be getting new tools to create high quality videos. Parent company “Meta” says “Emu Edit” is coming soon. It will allow users to edit their photos — simply by using text descriptions.

Finally, a new way to buy a car: Hyundai is teaming up with Amazon. You’ll be able to buy a new Hyundai – through amazon’s website – beginning next year. And starting in 20-25, Alexa will be available in all new Hyundai’s.