Tech Bytes: Apple to announce new Mac products Monday night

Tech Bytes: Apple to announce new Mac’s tonight

In Today's Tech Bytes from ABC: Apple is set to announce a refreshed Mac lineup with new processors, X, formerly known as Twitter, is increasing subscription prices, and Instagram is launching collaborative posts.

Apple is reportedly planning to debut its powerful, M3 chip line in a primetime event Monday night. Bloomberg is reporting that three of apple’s home-grown chips will be unveiled at the company’s “scary-fast-themed event’. It’s also expected to launch the new MacBook pros and updated iMac.

The site formerly known as Twitter has added two new pay tiers. The ad-free “X” premium plus will cost users $16 dollars per month. Basic, which doesn’t include a blue check, goes for $3 per month. The news comes amid continued declines in X’s advertising revenue.

Instagram is testing a new feature that will let followers add photos and videos to your posts. It’s called collaborative carousels. There’ll be a button giving friends the option to add content, such as memories from a recent event. But nothing will be added without your approval.