Tech Bytes: Apple releases its “Journal” app

Tech Bytes: Apple has released its “Journal” app

Apple has released its journal app as a part of its latest software update

Apple has officially rolled out its new “journal app.” Users can log their day by capturing moments with text, photos, videos and audio recordings. There are also AI assisted suggestions for entries. Apple says all journal entries are encrypted when stored in iCloud.

Google is phasing out “Google Play movies and TV” so the company is detailing how users can still watch the shows and movies they’ve purchased. Accounts with a TV or streaming device powered by Android TV, can use the “shop” tab, starting January 17th. If you have a cable box, or set- top box running Android TV, you can use the YouTube app.

Hyundai is unveiling new technology to keep drivers safer in bad weather. The new tires have built- in, retractable snow chains. Drivers can deploy the chains with the push of a button. Hyundai has not said when the tires will be on the road.