Tech Bytes: Apple gears up to launch Vision Pro headset

Tech Bytes: Apple is ramping up for the launch of their Vision Pro headset

Apple is set to launch its Vision Pro headset next week. Its a spatial computer that is controlled with the face and eyes.

The Apple Vision Pro Headset is expected to be released as early as next month.
Bloomberg reports that Apple is setting up vision prop training session for select retail workers in January. Vision Pro is a spatial computer, controlled with the users eyes, hands and voice.

Next, Tesla is releasing its 2023 “holiday update” this week. It will allow Tesla’s to call 9-1-1 automatically if the car’s airbags are deployed in a crash. Other features include support for Apple podcasts and an updated version of parking assistance with 3D visuals.

‘The Boy and the Heron’ was tops over the weekend, earning 12- point- eight million dollars.
The coming of age story is the first original anime production to finish number one in the domestic box office race, beating out the Hunger Games prequel.