Tech Bytes: Amazon to restructure its gaming division

Tech Bytes: Amazon is restructuring its gaming division

Changes in Amazon's Games Division are happening for the second time this year, WhatsApp is making some changes to its voice chat, and Warner Brothers and Xbox collab on a pretty 'sweet' controller.

Changes are coming to Amazon’s game division. For the second time this year, the division is cutting jobs. More than 180 positions are being eliminated. More than 100 were laid off in April. Other changes include amazon shutting down its Crown channel, which streams on Twitch.

WhatsApp is making changes to its voice chat. The new version will still allow up to 32 participants. But — not everyone in the group will get a call when a chat starts. Instead, members will get a push notification plus an in-chat bubble that allows them to join.

Finally, an Xbox controller that will make you drool. It’s made of 100% chocolate, in honor of the warner brothers film “Wonka,” the prequel to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Fans can get a shot at winning the so-called “Xbox of chocolates” by entering a global sweepstakes