Tech Bytes: Airpods users can now purchase a USB-C charging case

Tech Bytes: Airpods Pro owners can now upgrade to USB-C chargers

Apple says that Airpods users can now switch to USB-C charging ports by upgrading to a new charging case.

Apple is now selling the case for its latest Airpod-Pros separately. It’s for anyone who wants to make the switch to the USB-C case without purchasing a whole new set of second generation Airpod-pros. The case by itself is going for $99.

Amazon has added a feature to help you look through your entire online library. The new “your books” hub puts all of your digital, physical, and audio books into one searchable area. The feature will also provide recommendations for new items based on past purchases.

Finally, owners of a meta quest two, three or pro headset can stream games through Xbox cloud gaming. players will also need a controller, a good internet connection, the most recent quest software and an Xbox “game pass ultimate” membership.